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  The respect customer, hello: due to the rainy day, lead to system failures, for not affect your normal communication, please send cellular phone in the water! Thank you for your cooperation!以下是小编为大家精心整理的“愚人节祝福语英文句子”,欢迎大家阅读,供您参考。更多详请关注!


  1. Because of you i believe in fate perhaps all this are doomed to heaven having a mianmianzhizhong traction. now i want to say is that i Shangbeizi. what is built nie ah?

      2. Also known as the bricks and mortar boards infants bricks the old Beijing is the most characteristic of the cultural heritage of one of a lethal strong and easy-to-carry concealed not weapons and other characteristics…… shoot you use the most appropriate!

      3. Psychological test: if you and the coward race you want to: 1 you run fast; as fast; you coward slower than… answer: you than beasts also a beast; you are beasts; beast than you! Happy April Fool's Day!

      4. notice: April Fool's Day approaching on April 1 you receive text messages are bogus meaning exactly opposite please pay attention. Following is the first: You are handsome styles Yushulinfeng beauty of the blossoming devil build lover!

      5. you are the sun in my heart but it began to rain; you are the moon in my dream but it was obscured by clouds; you are the most beautiful flower in my heart but held; you are the goddess of the moon in the sky will fall to the earth unfortunately in the face of first the......

      6. in my eyes you will always be looked so carefree and eating with relish is always sleep is always Hanran sleep. i really envy you ah sometimes think do a pig is also very good.

      7. my mother and i said i like you i want you to accompany me day and night. You know through this period of time i found that i can't be without you now. But my mother refused she said: the family is not allowed to raise pigs

      8. After dinner seven commandment: i quit smoking quit immediately eat two fruits three ring relaxed belt the four immediately quit drinking wujiebaibu walk bathe immediately quit six seven quit immediately to sleep! Journey: Remember?

      9. if you look ugly call 0 if you build well call 120 if you temper bad call if you feel beautiful call my cell phone and elaborated……

      10. Because you i believe in fate perhaps all this are doomed to heaven having a mianmianzhizhong traction. now i want to say is that i Shangbeizi--what is built nie ah?

      11. Also known as the bricks and mortar boards infants bricks the old Beijing is the most characteristic of the cultural heritage of one of a lethal strong and easy-to-carry concealed not weapons and other characteristics--shoot you use the most appropriate!

      12. Psychological test: if you and the coward race you want to: 1 you run fast; as fast; you coward slower than… answer: you than beasts also a beast; you are beasts; beast than you! Happy April Fool's Day!

      13. Shaceng said: i have 1 change! Journey said: i have 32 change! wukong said: i am 2 changed! in his Tang Seng: nishi on the treatment you change a phone call i saw how other people look at monsters with phone messages? Happy April Fool's Day!

      14. an urgent reminder: look at your left and then look at your right. Please be careful just slipped out of a mental illness his features are: holding a mobile phone look around.

      15. want to with you to see the sea but can not grasp the unfathomable future; think and you go mountain climbing is full to the ideal of the vacant; think and you to drift but not the happy heaven; want to go shopping with you has been the police refused he said: don't walk a dog!


      1. the first sight to see you i said to myself: you are my life to strive for the goal i want to pursue you i want to hug you. i want to announce: i love you.........

      2. do you have a TV? look at ccTV1 the white House was bombed the whole building collapsed the police have closed down the entire washington 1 people were killed and 32 injured people lost... 1 people cheated!

      3. do not move! Robbery! All hands up! men stand on the left the woman stood on the right abnormal station in the middle hey! Said is you but also installed to see the phone!

      4. your quality such as plum general staunch; my character like a glacier and refined; you have admirable connotation; you have let people dump of cool; and we respectfully call you meichuan underpants was!

      5. yesterday i dreamed of you really the sky is so mingjing sunshine is so beautiful the sea is so boundless you stand on the blue sea i take small stick a poke you hey this is small bastard case is quite hard.

      6. the day i saw you in the supermarket! You secretly reached barcode scanner and the screen display: yuan pig's trotters. Do you think the machine is broken and leaned over to look at the screen display PigHead meat yuan!

      7.it is just a gust of wind worth mentioning but why is so eternal just a dream why is so real you do not bow to the phrase but i can not calm i finally couldn't help to say to you: next time you fart say!

      8.in my eyes you will always be looked carefree and eating with relish is always sleep is always Hanran sleep…… i really envy you know oh! Sometimes think as you do so pigs are very good!

      9.Along the road, i saw a cent, just bent down to pick it up and turned out to be a mouth sputum, i depend, who spit is so round?

      10.Test you: the pig overnight in the world is dead? (a title) "still have you at least" ah!

      11.Pig pig, slept at 10 o 'clock, at the bottom five bowls, weight than, no one dare to ask where the pig? Stealing a smile。

      12.i'm sorry! i accidentally put the "love you" to your mobile phone, if you accept please keep; if you don't accept, please send it back to me。

      13.what is romantic, know she doesn't love you, also send her 99 roses。 what is waste, know she loves you also send her 99 roses。 Happy April fool's day!

      14.i had a dream last night, dreamed you fell into smelly cesspit, climb up after you have said, is had a good time, even the cesspit also delicious。

      15.leave after you go to the supermarket to buy a tube of toothpaste, the cashier looked at your background exclamation: the world has changed, the pig all evolution to brush your teeth!


      1.Tell you a story, once upon a time there was a fool, he is very stupid, others ask him what problem he would only shake head or answer "no", have you heard of the story?

      2.congratulations to you in the awards, please at ten o 'clock this evening the whole, with a sabre, shotgun, soil cannon to receive noodles to receive the people's bank of china。 Happy April fool's day!

      3.Didn't intend to meet you, meet you is providence, thinking you were feeling, half-hearted when not see you, see you wholeheartedly, if one day we had the announcement, at least remember!

      4.in my eyes, you look is always so carefree, eat forever with relish, sleeping is a han however sleep forever。 i envy you ah, sometimes think, do a pig also is pretty good。

      5.when you receive this message, your phone is poisoning, please within 30 seconds stripped naked, naked rotation 10 laps, or mobile terminated, you still smile! Still not quick to take off!

      6.You will go to other travel, sincere friends to see you off。 The cold wind stop our friendship; i hold your hand say: good reformation, fight for commutation! Happy April fool's day!

      7.The east china sea fish warehouse more clusters, touch the fish fish fish fish fish。 Fishermen lv Yu net to fishing, i'm not chasing after the rainy day。 The beads fishing, fish in the rain, lv Yuyu busy fishing。

      8.i always love you, because you are always very handsome; i sometimes very hate you, because you sometimes too unreasonable; i wish you well today, because you had a throttle。 Happy April fool's day endless!

      9.like you have been admitted to u。S。 cattle with fine university department of brutal culture club, please bring your dementia, difficult and complicated to not is flapping street TieDa nine road the big shit house report。

      10.in order to you, i don't care about the secular vision, in spite of all the gossip, as long as you can with you, even i'm at the end of the world, i want to loudly announced to the world: i love you, yuan!

      11.Don't look at my message of criminal detention, not to return my messages through labour。 Don't call me sent the arctic bear。 often think i phone short message to contact me, for you a ticket 20××, out of the earth。

      12.one live really tired! Get on the bus line, unrequited love really suffer, eat no fragrance, drink drunk, go to work very tired, not robbery, earn money to pay tax, even send a text message to the pigs have to charge。

      13.Some people say that you, like professor during the day, night like a beast。 i think they're wrong, because you stripped off his clothes at night is a beast, you put on clothes during the day also is not a professor, is a beast!

      14.The bell at April fool's day, let miss stretches in play; To poke fun of SmS, let happy singing in the holiday period; Blessing life more sweet, let the happiness in life。 i wish you a happy April fool's day!

      15.Happy April fool's day, please put the tag in life, let the laughter specials, let embarrassment on sale, lets loosen cheap, let tired price, price for health, disease has shelves, let beautiful mood put one false。


      1.April fool's day is not only a fool, and bless; April fool's day is not only cheating, and greeting; April fool's day is not only fun, and sincere; April fool's day, sincerely wish you "fools" by the, sink "fool" wild goose。

      2.April fool's day to really lively, everywhere is cheers and laughter。 Between friends can parody, playing tricks on people around。 Deceive others also not angered, open happy heart happiness around。 i wish you a happy April fool's day a smile!

      3.where are you? Hurry up go to see the satellite television station, hurry up! one of America's biggest nuclear power plant by artificial leak, cause a lot of biological variation! The variation gorilla of an among those is see this message shout!

      4.A ringing people up, wake up sleeping in a dream, in a hurry to open the look, shown above has been late, and hurry to go out。 To the factory a while see, fool fool chung heart, at the moment to April fool's day。 Happy April fool's day!

      5.To receive the SmS to listen: you have been surrounded! Happy happy to bear hug with you, to trip you up, sweet for your ransom, good luck to you sneak attack, beauty want to talk to you learn kissing skills, you have nowhere to run!

      6.You high blood pressure, high blood fat, position is not high。 no speak, moment don't speak, prostate gland inflammation。 The poor performance is outstanding, outstanding performance, between the waist dish outstanding。 Ha ha! Happy April fool's day!

      7.lottery tickets to a 5 million - difficult! lover to look for a jade bracelet, difficult! who want to or not bound - difficult! Difficult difficult difficult! Actually not difficult! To tell you, lucky boy born Jichuan: lucky boy! Good luck don't think it's hard to!

      8.one and a half jins spirit erguotou, love is two years old veteran, food and drink piao wager smoking three years old, four're incapable to steal, the man in a rare promise, low iQ, when i grew up knowing that the person is you, still see the bottom。 Admire! Admire!

      9.Someone said to me: "you of wisdom like pig" i listen to and rage! i know you are! Such a bully! it is too sorry pig!

      10.wish you: playing cARDS is not luck, the leopard golden flower hang out, others stare you smile, people pay you money。

      11.meeting you is accidental, like you is natural, falling in love with you was resolutely, get you is gladly, the companion your whole life is inevitable。

      12.Strange strange really amazed, find meaning of spring green, spring green head has a problem, don't eat not to drink not rest, to ask where is the spring green, is in the news!

      13.Today are you going to beat people, or to be whole, wish you happy April fool's day! comes but once a year, both the whole and the whole as dull day happy moment!

      14.when you picked up a mirror, looking at his round face, high nose, charming eye, sexy lips, blessed ears, you always can't help but to sigh loudly - pig!

      15.Hello, your mobile phone when you receive this message have been infected with the virus, please quickly switch machine after ten times 1860 specific reason and remove method。



      1. 因为你,我相信命运的安排,也许这一切都是上天注定,冥冥之中牵引着我俩。现在的我想说的是我上辈子是造了什么孽啊?

      2. 砖头又称板儿砖,是老北京最有特点的文化遗产之一,具有杀伤力强,易于携带隐蔽性高,不算凶器等多种特点,所以……拍你用它最合适!

      3. 心理测试:如果你和狗熊赛跑,你希望:1你跑得快;2一样快;3你比狗熊慢…答案:1你比禽兽还禽兽;2你就是禽兽;3你禽兽不如!愚人节快乐!

      4. 通告:愚人节来临,4月1日您收到的短信均为假的,意思正好截然相反,敬请留意。以下是第一条:您是英俊潇洒玉树临风貌美如花魔鬼身材的大众情人!

      5. 你是我心中的太阳可惜下雨了;你是我梦中的月亮可惜被云遮住了;你是我心中最美的花朵可惜开过了;你是天上的嫦娥降临人间可惜脸先着地了…… )

      6. 在我眼里你看上去永远是那么无忧无虑吃饭永远是津津有味睡觉永远是酣然而睡。。。我真羡慕你啊有时想想做一只猪也挺好的。

      7. 我和我妈妈说了我很喜欢你想要你日昼夜夜陪伴我。知道吗?通过这段时间交往我发现我现在不能没有你了。可是我妈妈不肯她说:“家里不准养猪” 假·日·吧

      8. 饭后七戒:一戒吸烟,二戒马上吃水果,三戒放松裤带,四戒立即喝茶,五戒百步走,六戒立即洗澡,七戒立即睡觉!八戒:记住了吗?

      9. 如果你长得难看,请打0;如果你身材不好,请打120;如果你脾气不好,请打;如果你觉得自己漂亮,请打我手机,详谈……

      10. 因为你,我相信命运的安排,也许这一切都是上天注定,冥冥之中牵引着我俩。现在的我想说的是——我上辈子是造了什么孽啊?!

      11. 砖头又称板儿砖,是老北京最有特点的文化遗产之一,具有杀伤力强,易于携带隐蔽性高,不算凶器等多种特点,所以——拍你用它最合适! 假日吧

      12. 心理测试:如果你和狗熊赛跑,你希望:1你跑得快;2一样快;3你比狗熊慢。答案:1你比禽兽还禽兽;2你就是禽兽;3你禽兽不如!愚人节快乐!om

      13. 沙僧说:我有1变!八戒说:我有32变!悟空说:我有2变!唐僧大怒:西天路上也没见你们变个电话,看人家妖怪都拿手机看短信呢!愚人节快乐!

      14. 紧急提醒:看看你的左边再看看你的右边。请小心一个刚溜出来的精神病他的特征是:拿着手机东张西望。

      15. 想和你去看海却掌握不住莫测的未来;想和你去登山却布满对理想的茫然;想和你去飘流却到不了幸福的天堂;想和你逛街却得到警察拒绝他说:不许遛狗!


      1. 第一眼见到你我就对自己说:你就是我今生要奋斗的目标我要追求你我要拥抱你。我要公布:我爱你………人民币!

      2. 你那里有电视吗?快看ccTV1美国白宫被炸了整栋楼全塌了警方已经关闭了整个华盛顿1人死亡32人受伤人失落。。。1人受骗!吧c

      3. 不许动!抢劫!全部举起手来!男的站左边女的站右边反常的站中间哎!说的就是你还装着看手机!

      4. 你的品质如梅花一般刚烈;我的性格像冰川一样蕴藉;你有令人折服的内涵;你有让人倾倒的于是我们尊称您为“梅川内酷”!

      5. 昨天我梦见你了真的天空是那么明静阳光是那么明媚大海是那么一望无垠你站在蔚蓝的海边我拿小棍一捅你嘿这小王八壳还挺硬!

      6. 那天我看见你了在超市!你偷偷的把手伸到条码扫描器上只见屏幕显示:猪蹄元。你认为机器坏了把脸凑过去看屏幕显示猪头肉元!

      7. 仅仅是一阵风也罢了偏偏是这样永恒仅仅是一场梦也罢了偏偏是如斯真实你低头不语我却难以平静我终于禁不住要对你说:下次放屁时说一声!

      8. 在我眼里,你看上去永远是无忧无虑,吃饭永远是津津有味,睡觉永远是酣然入睡……我真羡慕你呀,唉!有时候想想,像你那样做头猪也挺好的!

      9. 我在马路边,看到一分钱,刚要弯腰捡,原来是口痰,我靠,谁吐这么圆?

      10. 考考你:世界上的猪一夜之间都死光了该怎么办?(打一歌名)《至少还有你》呀!

      11. 小猪小猪了不起,每天睡到十点起,顿顿五碗都见底,体重没有谁敢比,要问小猪在哪里?正在偷笑看短信。

      12. 对不起!我不小心把“喜欢你”发到了你的手机里,如果你接受请保留;如果不接受,请把它发还给我。

      13. 什么叫浪漫,明知道她不爱你,还送她99朵玫瑰。什么叫浪费,明知道她爱你还送她99朵玫瑰。愚人节快乐!

      14. 昨天晚上我做了个梦,梦见你掉进了臭粪坑,爬上后你竟说:到底是生了个好时代,连粪坑也香喷喷。

      15. 你去超市买了一管牙膏后离开,收银员望着你的背景感叹:世道变了,猪都进化到会刷牙了!


      1. 给你讲个故事,从前有个笨蛋,他非常笨,别人问他什么问题他都只会摇头或回答“没有”,这个故事你听过吗?

      2. 恭喜你中了大奖,请于今天晚上十点整,带着马刀、鸟枪、土炮到中国人民银行蒙面领取。愚人节快乐!

      3. 遇见你是无意,认识你是天意,想着你是情意,不见你时三心二意,见到你便一心一意,如果某天我们有了退意,至少还有回忆!

      4. 在我眼里,你看上去永远是那么无忧无虑,吃饭永远是津津有味,睡觉永远是酣然而睡。我真羡慕你啊,有时想想,做一只猪也挺好的。

      5. 当你收到此讯息,你的手机已经中毒了,请在30秒内脱光衣服,裸体自转10圈,否则手机停用,你还笑!还不快脱!

      6. 你就要去他方远行,真诚的朋友为你送行;凛冽的寒风,挡不住我俩的友情;我握住你的手说:好好改造,争取减刑!愚人节快乐!

      7. 东海鱼仓多鱼群聚,大鱼小鱼鱼游鱼碰鱼。渔民吕玉撒网去捕鱼,还没捕完天下雨。雨珠打鱼,鱼遇雨,吕玉雨中忙捕鱼。

      8. 我总是很爱你,是因为你总是很帅气;我有时太恨你,是因为你有时太无理;我今天祝福你,是因为你今天过节气。祝愚人节快乐无边!

      9. 喜你已被美国牛精大学野蛮系无文化班录取,请带齐你的痴呆、奇难杂症到唔系九路正扑街铁达呢号美国大屎馆报道。

      10. 为了你,我不在乎世俗的眼光,不顾所有流言蜚语,只要能拥有你,哪怕是世界末日我也在所不惜,我要大声向全世界宣布:我爱你,人民币!

      11. 不看我短信的刑事拘留,不回我短信的劳动改造。不打我电话的发配北极喂熊。时常想我电话短信联系我的,奖你一张20××的船票,送出地球。

      12. 人活着真累!上车得排队,单恋真受罪,吃饭没香味,喝酒容易醉,上班特疲惫,抢劫还不会,挣钱得交税,就连给小猪发个短信还得收费。

      13. 有人说你,白天像教授,晚上像禽兽。我看他们错了,因为晚上你脱了衣服是禽兽,白天你穿上衣服也不是教授,是衣冠禽兽!

      14. 叩响愚人节的钟声,让思念在嬉戏中绵延;送上调侃的短信,让快乐在节日里欢唱;祝福生活更加甜蜜,让幸福在生活中滋长。祝你愚人节快快乐乐!

      15. 愚人节,请把快乐的标签贴在生活里面,让欢笑特价,让尴尬减价,让放松廉价,让疲惫降价,让健康加价,让疾病下架,让美丽心情放个假。


      1. 愚人节不只有愚弄,还有祝福;愚人节不只有欺骗,还有问候;愚人节不只有调侃,还有真诚;愚人节,真心祝你“愚”时俱进,沉“愚”落雁。

      2. 愚人节到真热闹,处处都是欢声笑。朋友之间会恶搞,捉弄之人到处跑。别人欺骗也不恼,开开心心快乐绕。祝你愚人节开心一笑!

      3. 你在哪?快点去看卫星电视台,快点!美国一家大型核电站被人为泄漏,造成大量生物变异!其中一只变异猩猩正在看这则短信呐!

      4. 一阵铃声催人起,唤醒睡在美梦中,匆忙打开瞧一眼,上面显示已迟到,撒腿赶紧往外跑。到厂一看就一个,傻瓜笨蛋涌心头,此刻才想愚人节。祝愚人节快乐!

      5. 收短信的人听着:你已经被包围了!幸福要与你熊抱,快乐要把你绊倒,甜蜜将对你绑票,好运要对你实施偷袭,美女想跟你学习接吻技巧,你已经无处可逃!

      6. 你血压高,血脂高,职位不高。大会不发言,小会不发言,前列腺发炎。政绩不突出,业绩不突出,腰间盘突出。呵呵!愚人节快乐啦!

      7. 彩票想中个500万—难!情人想找个杨玉环—难!身上想百病不缠—难!难难难!其实都不难!告诉你,招财童子诞齐传:招财童子到!好运想不来都难!

      8. 一岁半斤二锅头,两岁情场是老手,三岁吃喝嫖赌抽,四岁坑蒙拐骗偷,此人年少有出息,长大以后智商低,明知此人就是你,仍然坚持看到底。佩服!佩服!

      9. 有人对我说:“你智慧的象猪”我听后便大怒!我是了解你的!这样的欺侮!简直太对不起猪了!

      10. 祝你:打牌运气拉不住,豹子金花把把出,别人瞪眼你笑脸,别人掏钱你收钱。

      11. 遇见你是偶然的,喜欢你是自然的,爱上你是毅然的,得到你是欣然的,伴你一生是必然的。

      12. 希奇希奇真希奇,发现意投达春绿,春绿头脑有问题,不吃不喝不休息,要问春绿在哪里,正在埋头看消息!

      13. 不管今天你是要去整人,还是要遭被整,都祝你愚人节快乐!一年才一次,无论整与被整都当平淡日子的开心一刻吧!

      14. 当你拿起镜子,看着自己那圆圆的脸,高高的鼻,迷人的眼,性感的嘴,有福的耳,你总会不禁地大声感叹——猪啊!

      15. 您好,当您收到这条消息时您的手机已感染病毒,请迅速开关机十次后咨询1860具体原因及清除方法。

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